Click on the names below to hear from some of the stakeholders who support Long Live the Kings’ work.

HILARY FRANZ, Washington Commissioner of Public Lands

Washington’s tidelands are critical to the survival of our salmon, orcas, and people. That’s why I’m so proud of the work of my agency and partners like Long Live the Kings. In partnership, we bring some of the world’s most brilliant minds together to ensure our waters continue to be productive and healthy.

I’m particularly proud of initiatives like our zooplankton monitoring, which tells us the health of this tiny foundational species of the Salish Sea food web. These building blocks of the complex nearshore ecosystem give us insights into how climate change and water quality are impacting the aquatic lands on which our ecology and our economy are so reliant. With this information, we can better target our efforts to restore healthy habitat for the oysters, salmon and orcas that have sustained people for millennia.

With salmon runs continuing to decline and orca calves fighting for survival, our work to restore estuaries, remove fish barriers, address ocean acidification, and restore habitat in Puget Sound is critical to preserving what makes Washington so special. By continuing this work through broad, holistic partnerships, we ensure our lands and waters will be healthy for future generations, and honor the legacy handed to us by our ancestors.

STEPHANIE SOLIEN, Co-Chair, Southern Resident Orca Task Force

Saving salmon is likely to be the most important part of our fight to save our southern resident orcas.  LLTK is a strong and respected advocate for salmon on the Governor’s Orca Recovery Task Force. They bring the latest scientific research to help us make better smarter decisions.  LLTK is an outstanding leader and valued partner in helping to save these Pacific Northwest Icons.

JJ GOULD, Board of Directors, Anthony's Restaurants

My family has been very fortunate to be able to enjoy the bounty of the Pacific Northwest for several generations. We treasure and celebrate the return of salmon with deep appreciation and we want future generations to be able to enjoy that same bounty of fresh seafood as deeply as we have. We began a partnership with Long Live the Kings because of their mission and dedication to salmon and steelhead recovery. Their actions to protect our marine ecosystem are so crucial to preserve our natural resources and we are so grateful for all the work and research they put into their mission.

At Anthony’s, we exemplify that same level of passion for fresh seafood and one of the cornerstones of our company’s foundation is to provide the finest quality seafood to our guests. We have a deep-rooted dedication to protect the seafood industry for future generations and is one of many reasons why we feel it is so important to support organizations like Long Live the Kings who are fighting to protect those natural resources.