Looking Ahead

Our ecosystem is in trouble. We can only fix it if we understand what the problems are now, and anticipate what they are likely to be in the future. LLTK is generating and acting on solutions that are both relevant now, and will help bring salmon home for the long run.


In the year ahead, much of the research we conducted and recommendations we made in 2019 will be put into action. Here is some of what you’ll see from us in 2020:

  • Our efforts to remove bottlenecks from the Puget Sound ecosystem will result in a more productive marine environment for salmon and steelhead.
  • Many of our recommendations to the Governor’s Orca Task Force will require continued work by LLTK and our partners, including efforts to secure additional State and Federal funding for badly-needed salmon and forage fish habitat restoration.
  • Funding we helped secure from the federal government will be used to update 100 year-old filling chambers at the Ballard Locks, mitigating a deadly obstacle for juvenile salmon.
  • Research on the Hood Canal Bridge led by LLTK will result in newly engineered solutions to improve fish passage there.

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